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I recently had a session with Alex to help me take control of my anxiety. Alex has a calm, professional demeanour that instantly put me at ease. He was knowledgeable with the techniques we used, and I had instant results. He showed me the clear links between my heart rate and my thinking. With Alex’s guidance, I was able to control my own thoughts and breathing patterns to shift feelings of anxiety. I look forward to my next session and highly recommend Alex as a therapist.

Samantha. (GOOGLE 5 STARS)

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Professional and made me feel at ease. Alex gave me some good strategies to help reduce my work-related stress. Highly recommend.


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I highly recommend Alex as a therapist. He is incredibly professional, friendly and knowledgeable. I had immediate results with his techniques and approach.


Hi, I’m Alex Attard and if you are ready to change the way you are doing things (even if other therapists have said you will always be this way) you need to contact me directly.  In fact, most of my clients who suffer from anxiety or panic attacks start their session by telling me how they have spent years with different counsellors or psychologists but still have the same issues.  My clients experience a complete recovery.  That’s right, no more panic attacks.  No more anxiety attacks.  No more feeling overwhelmed.  If this short video interests you and you have more questions, then please contact me directly via email or by clicking this free call number:


Here’s how we’ll help.


Life is tough

Things will happen beyond our control which is why we develop coping mechanisms and structure in our life. They protect us from the unknown possibilities while preparing us for realistic probabilities. These structures keep us safe and enable us to weather the storm when unexpected or uncontrollable things happen.

These structures include effective routines, ways to energise and be self-motivated, sleep hygiene, stress management techniques, healthy eating habits and much more.

Story & Metaphor

Learning naturally

Experience the proven techniques of deep learning and development through story and metaphor. This is how important information has been shared and understood for thousands of years. This is the most powerful way to learn and deepen your understanding of information. Overcome habits and fears or learn to become your own hero.

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Clinical Hypnosis is located in the Fremantle Chamber of Commerce at Suite 6, 16 Phillimore St Fremantle, Western Australia.  The clinical hours are from 9 am to 9 pm Monday to Friday, and 10 am to 3 pm Saturdays.  You can call the clinic at 1800 708 051.

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