The definition of clinical hypnosis for cleints and practitioners

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Clinical Hypnosis, by definition, is brief, direct and practical. It involves the inception of an idea devoted to the solution of a concrete problem or the acquiring of a specific skill.

Alex Attard: Clinical Hypnosis

Clinical Hypnosis isn’t medical.  By definition, it is brief, direct and practical. It involves the inception of an idea devoted to the solution of a concrete problem or the acquiring of a specific skill.

To me, being a clinical hypnotist means being a surgeon of the mind, with words.

The precision of these words and gestures help you achieve what you desire through the process of hypnosis.

This use of words, tone and timing is not taught at any university.  It is developed through experience, hard work and dedication.

Hypnosis is an art.  It is not a concept easily understood, and not all practitioners agree with what it actually is.  I’ll cover this topic further in this article ‘what is hypnosis.’

I work with a distinction between mind and brain.  You can read more about that in this article ‘the distinction between mind and brain‘.  This model is important for practising clinical hypnosis.  It steps away from conscious and unconscious, depth and such.  I’m only interested in how I can be more effective as a clinical hypnotist, which works.

My work involves activating parts of the brain through ideas, revelations and experiences(hypnosis) to produce a change, something you automatically act upon.  These are chemical reactions which happen in the brain.  I see the mind as what people often refer to as consciousness.  It is linear, time-sensitive and logical.

These concepts can take us down a rabbit hole.  If you are interested in going down that rabbit hole, I suggest reading my articles on different topics to get a more complete picture.

It isn’t necessary for you to study hypnosis to get the benefits.  I’d suggest booking an appointment.

If you do want to know more head to the category list.


To understand the clinical hypnosis definition, we also need to understand hypnosis clearly.  Hypnosis is not only used for medical purposes or therapy.  Like it or not, many people think of hypnosis as a performance trick (much to the disgust of medical practitioners).  Our definition can easily be interchangeable.  Hypnosis is the inception of an idea.  We see mass hypnosis from media campaigns, effective sleep hypnosis recordings on YouTube and performance-enhancing clinical hypnosis in sports.

If you are interested in learning more about clinical hypnosis, explore the articles or visit  The home of Clinical Hypnosis skill development, clinical support and business development services.


In summary

Clinical hypnosis is not theoretical hypnosis.  It is not a medical hypnosis.  It is not hypnotherapy (as explained here).  Clinical hypnosis is practical, brief and directed towards solving a concrete problem or acquiring specific skills or knowledge.

Be fearless, step up and embrace the powerful mind-altering effects of clinical hypnosis.  Empower your own lives or the lives of your clients.

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