Does hypnosis work? Your best guide for 2021

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Yes. 100%. Every single time.

Is it wise to ask somebody who uses hypnosis to make a living the question does hypnosis work?
Are they biased?  Or are they in the best position to really know if hypnosis works?
Are they the only ones who can truly know does hypnosis work?

It’s like asking if the sun works.  Yes.  100% of time time.
Sure, you could imagine a time when it doesn’t work, but it works 100% of the time until that happens.
You could intend to use the sun for tanning, and stay by the swimming pool for too long and get burnt.  You might have underestimated the UV count of the day, but the fact remains the sun works.

Does a chair work?  You can find it uncomfortable and want to find another place to sit or stand on and break it. Perhaps broken it is no longer a chair, but the chair, when it is a chair, works.  The chair can be too small for you to sit on and not currently helpful to you; however, it is still a chair and it works.

Were not asking what is the sun made of or what constitutes a chair.


Plenty of people have been taught hypnosis to produce therapeutic benefits or hypnotic phenomena that do not understand hypnosis.
Not everybody claiming to be a hypnotist/hypnotherapist is particularly skilful.  Furthermore, a skilled hypnotist will not necessarily produce every desired result, 100% of the time.  That is why I have suggested the chair metaphor.

Think about the question… does hypnosis work?  Now think about the skill and competency of a hypnotist.  Now the person desiring the effects.  The different variables, and again the chair metaphor.  Think about this deeply and you will understand completely.  That a chair works just like the sun works, and that hypnosis works 100% of the time.

You may need to know more about hypnosis to feel satisfied fully.  That your question ‘does hypnosis work’ has been fully answered.  I suggest checking out these articles -> what is hypnosis, what is clinical hypnosis, hypnotist vs hypnosis and hypnosis vs hypnotherapy.

I’ve personally been hypnotised more times than I can count.  By myself (self-hypnosis) and by others.  In different ways and for different reasons.  I’ve hypnotised countless people all with different ideas of what hypnosis actually is.

Asking me does hypnosis work is a no brainer.  Would I have devoted thousands of hours towards studying something that did not work?  Possibly… but unlikely.


Hypnosis is experiential, so to know for sure you will need to give it a try yourself.
How will you know if hypnosis works…?  Likely you won’t unless you have a specific objective, and it has been achieved.  Although that doesn’t definitively answer the question, does hypnosis work … does it not?


So should you take my word for it?  No.  Take the word of the hundreds of thousands who have benefitted from hypnosis for thousands of years.
Hypnosis can trace back to ancient shamans, then folks like Franz Anton Mesmer and James Braid, before the doctors and scientists studying it in their lab coats.  Plenty of people throughout history have hoped to answer that very question definitively, does hypnosis work?



Hypnosis does work, 100% of the time.  However, the outcome of hypnosis will not always match the intentions.  It is a difficult art to master, so choose your hypnotist wisely.


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