Fat & Your Body

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You can achieve rapid weight-loss without hypnosis. However, the results are more consistent and easier to maintain with professional clinical hypnosis.

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How much food do you actually need?


The required intake of food is not a set amount, and it is not reliably determined by hunger.  This can make it hard to know how much you should actually eat. 

When I lose weight, I don’t want to spend extra money on lots of fancy foods.  I want to know I’m still healthy and able to perform.

The exact amount of food you need is something that you work out over time, and rest assured you will adjust to whatever changes you make within a few weeks.  It’s actually more important to know when to eat.

Eating the right foods at the right time can improve memory, energy and sleep.  This leads to better exercise and better recovery.


Why do I keep gaining weight?

Studies have shown that once you have gained weight once, it’s so much easier to gain it again.  Weight gain (or storing fat) is a skill that would increase your chances of survival.  The modern world is like no other in history.  We need to make a few changes to help you succeed. 

Changing the foods you eat affects how your body stores fat.  Increasing the duration between meals and activating the metabolic state of ketosis helps you burn fat by using your fat stores rather than adding to them.


Adjusting to changes

Making the changes required to put your body into a fat-burning state can take some getting used to.  For some people, this transition is easy, while others struggle a little. 

Clinical Hypnosis helps you adjust to the changes easier, leaving you more motivated and energetic to focus on fun activities that help you lose weight.


Is fat bad?

The world isn’t black or white.  Having fat stores isn’t necessarily a bad thing however, where the fat is stored and how much you have can indicate how healthy you are.

Eating fat is good for your body, and it is a great source of healthy energy.  Tribal people have thrived on high-fat diets for thousands of years.  Learning what fats are good and how to prepare your body for using edible fats is an important part of a good weight-loss plan.


Clinical Hypnosis and weight-loss

You can achieve rapid weight-loss without hypnosis. However, the results are more consistent and easier to maintain with professional clinical hypnosis.  It is much more than retraining the way you think about food and hunger.  We educate you on the biological effects of eating the right foods at the right time.

I always focus on STORY and STRUCTURE, and weight-loss is no exception—the reasoning you have for behaviour and the ongoing habits you experience daily.


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